Posted by RAMSOL on Nov 29, 2017

What are Niche Skills?

Skills, are part of the job specification of an opening in an organization. Skill sets can be broadly classed into routine and niche skill sets. of these skill types, niche skills are more specialized and rare to find. The pool of eligible candidates for a niche skill is much smaller and needs some special effort to find the same. Such candidates are able to perform specialized tasks and are an important resource for their organizations.


The hiring of such specialists by an organization constitutes niche skill hire. The aim of this hire is to find invaluable talent that will help an organization compete better. There are certain difficulties that are posed for Niche Skill hires. The key area where recruitment firms and recruiters struggle to find niche skill candidates is that many are non-technical. As a result, explaining one's skill-set and experience to the recruiter becomes problematic. To overcome this difficulty, the following ways will be useful.


1. One way is to use recruiters with a fair knowledge of technical skills.

2. Alternately, the technical team can hire the candidates after conducting the interview.

3. A third alternative is to engage both the recruitment and technical teams and have knowledge sharing between the groups.

As a result, the recruiter can make more informed decisions.

For recruitment firms, their problems arise due to either lack of experienced recruiters or insufficient communication between the technical panel and the recruiter. This can be managed to yield better results in hiring Niche Skill candidates.