The Art of Recruitment


Posted by RAMSOL on Nov 29, 2017

Recruitment, a core function of human resource management forms the base of all human resource activity. It refers to the process of attracting suitable candidates to a given job position in a manner that matches the qualifications of the candidate with the expectations of the organization. 

Recruitment is done for both temporary and permanent positions within an organization. In many organizations, HR teams perform recruitment while in others, the organization uses the services of a vendor. Recruitment system Outsourcing, (RPO) is another model of recruitment shape of business method outsourcing (BPO) where a business enterprise engages a third party company to manage all the part of its recruitment system, but the recruiters work at the place of the client and not the vendor. 

The process of recruitment includes the following steps namely: 

1. Analyzing the requirements of a job. 

This is the first step in this process. This involves understanding the job description consisting of the knowledge, skills and abilities that the candidates must have. 

2. Attracting employees to that job. 

This part includes sourcing the candidates through various means, such as job portals(Naukri, Monster), social media (Linkedin, Facebook) and job postings. 

3. Screening and Selecting applicants. 

This part involves the skill of the recruiter. Here the most suitable resumes are collected in order to contact them. Also, following the screening, the candidates are scheduled and the most suitable candidates are selected. 

4. Hiring. 

This part involves offering the candidate and then ensuring the candidate joins the organization on the appointed date. 

Effectively, Recruitment involves the use of the combined talent pool available to make the best possible choice at a given cost.